Monday, April 16, 2007


I had a big, long post compiled and decided I was whining so I deleted it! I don't want to start off the week whining! So.... hilighted and deleted in 2.2 seconds! ;-)
We had a relatively busy weekend. Celebrated Mom's 60th birthday with many of her siblings and friends. It was originally going to be a wiener roast but the weather had other plans - thought we should all be inside where we could be closer-knit, I reckon! It was COLD. It was RAINY. It was WINDY. We all had a good time, though and most of all, Mom had a terrific time! She has always been a big fan of Almond Joy candy bars. I happened to find some Easter leftovers and bought them for her - she immediately said she would be hiding those AND her Butter Rum Lifesavers from Dad and the kids! She got a bunch of new gear for their camper - flour sack dishtowels, silverware, windchimes...and she requested some new dishrags from her daughter...hint, hint, I guess! I made her a white dishrag with a hummingbird on it with the intent that she use it in her new camper. Well, she is going to frame it! Yes, frame it. Sheesh - it's a flippin' dishrag - WASH DISHES WITH IT!!! I'm touched, honestly, that she sees it as a work of art, but it's JUST A RAG! Gotta make her another one now.
Rick and I assembled (without killing one-another) a new swing yesterday for the back yard. It lays down, which was my one requirement. The one I wanted was a mere $449 at Home Depot - we 'settled' for one from WalMart! It is rather comfy and we have all checked it out now. The boys and their buddy Lauren were all laying out in the back yard chatting away yesterday afternoon. I have a feeling that my swing will be full of kids this summer - so much for me relaxing with a good book or my knitting in it, huh?
On a final note, as I mentioned previously, we had a party for Mom. I ordered what was quite possibly the best cake we have ever had. It was sooooo moist and delicious and she DELIVERED it to me at work! Which leads me to the point of the story...she walked into the kitchen, placed the cake on the counter and said, "Oh my! Who made the BEAUTIFUL pies?"
I say, "Me!"
Cake Lady: "No kidding? I would give anything to be able to make something that beautiful, I just can't do meringue."
Me: "But you do ....THIS!!!" (me pointing to the cake, flabbergasted that she thinks my pies are beautiful)


wood7 said...

That is too funny about the dishrag! And how neat about the pies. ~Dena

Mim said...

Give yourself some credit! You are a very talented woman. Glad your Mom had a good time. Sorry we missed it.