Sunday, April 8, 2007

Not much to say!

32º. Yup, that's what it was at 7 o'clock this morning when Kaleb wanted to go out and hunt for eggs! Well, the Easter bunny was good this year - actually EB was a scrooge and didn't want to buy candy - and there was actually money in SEVERAL of the eggs. Each boy had an egg with his name on it that there was $5 in. They were thrilled!
When they headed off for church, we reminded them that they had raked in some cash and that they could tithe properly if they so chose to do so. (we were hopeful, ya know?) Well, as Rick and I were sitting in church, they brought the 'little guys' through to put their offering in and K was leading the pack! (he looked so doggone cute!!) We noticed that he not only put cash in, but several coins. When we got home, we were quite pleased to find out that he had decided to give his $5 because he had five more $1's so he thought he'd just share - and he gave some quarters, too because he had lots of them! Needless to day, I puffed up a bit with pride at his decision! His brothers, on the other hand, chose to give $1 each! I was impressed by this, too because they generally 'forget' to put their money in for offering and I find it when I wash their pants.
After church, we headed to Nanny & Pa's for a late lunch/early dinner with Bub & Jules. Food was EXCELLENT! The boys retired to the family room and watched Happy Feet. I worked on a dishrag that I'm working on for Mom. It's got a hummingbird on it. Will post the finished product if it shows up okay.
Ummmmmm...... I guess that about sums up the day today! I'm off tomorrow, as are the boys, so we're going to work on the house. I want to get their clothes gone through and weeded out. I cannot believe how much they've grown! More on that later, I'm going to get ready for bed.

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