Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Swimmer Try-Outs

The new swimmer try-outs for our local swim team were today. Jess and Glenn, of course have been on it for just over a year and they absolutely LOVE it. Kaleb decided that he wanted to give it a go.

Jesse (a.k.a. The Other Mother) prepared him for try-outs by getting him dressed in his BodyGlove swim suit, goggles and Jesse's swim cap which Kaleb likened to a form of torture. The finished product was:


When we got to try-outs, Jess trucked him into the locker room to get him prepped and ready to go. He came out and hopped right into the pool when Coach Jason prompted him to do so. I really wish I would have video taped him because Kaleb's technique was definitely ALL HIS OWN!!!

He did really, really well. Coach requested that we bring him back again tomorrow because he would like to work with him a little bit more. He is "this close" to making it. Kaleb never had any sort of formal lessons and in fact, he could only swim under water until this 'pool year'. He has really improved. I'll be sure to let you know what the final outcome of try-outs is!
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Mim said...

ahhh, look at the little mother hen's watching him. I hope he enjoys it if he gets it.

Miss said...

Mim: Mother-hen-Jess was a little concerned about him actually 'being ready' for this! I think it's going to be harder on Jess to watch him grow than it is me!!!