Monday, June 16, 2008

...and it's Monday again ALL DAY!

Here it is again already, MONDAY. I'm fortunate this week - I only work 3 days. That means I get to hang out with my boys for 4 days! We have absolutely NO PLANS this week, either. We're just going to hang out, swim, read, knit and play with the chickens and dogs. Sounds like fun to me!

The latest project that they are doing with Pa is trying to seal up the holes in the chicken coop because a friendly neighborhood black rat snake decide he/she rather liked the coop, too. Dad grabbed it, but he wasn't able to pull it out of the hole so he's likely still hanging out up in the rafters. I'm quite certain that baby chicks would be a delicacy to said snake, too.

Yesterday, Father's Day, we hung out at Nanny & Pa's all day so the boys could swim. Rick and Pa worked on the coop a bit. Nanny fixed a WONDERFUL dinner for everyone. UB & Jules came out, too. Rick and Glenn went on a trail run to see how long the trail is - Glenn is determined to be a cross country runner and I say MORE POWER TO HIM! It's about 1000 meters as it turns out. It's pretty hilly and such which will be perfect for him training. When he gets a bit older, he can go over to the state park and train, but not right now - I'm not ready for that!

Saturday, Rick, Glenn, Jess, Jasmine and I went to check out how high the lake level is. It's pretty doggone high! I wanted to get pictures now because the Dam Road is closed now for maintenance or something to that extent. A lady from Lithia Marina came in and said they were having to shuttle people to their boats because the water is so high. CRAZY I tell ya!

We also had Tina and Clayton over on Saturday for swim fun and then came back here for a cookout. The 4 boys had a blast and I can only speak for my three but I think Clayton probably slept pretty well, too!

Well, it's about that time - I must go prepare myself for the drug business. Have a great week! Blessings and Blog ya later!

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