Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring has Sprung!

You wouldn't know it to look outside today, but apparently, it is spring! We had our annual Easter egg hunt this morning. It was to be held at the grade school OUTSIDE. Well, as it turned out, we moved indoors because at 10 o'clock this morning, it was windy, it was cold and it couldn't decide whether it wanted to mist rain or spit snow!
I'm not real sure how many little ones turned out, but I had the 5th and 6th grade hall and there were only 4 boys - half of them were mine!! Needless to say, my three boys brought home about 5 pounds (yes, I said POUNDS) of candy. As with any other year, I will let them 'feast' for a couple days, then it will slowly start to disappear to work, friends, trash, etc. Then, tomorrow, they will get up and hunt eggs here at home and end up with more loot! We have never really gone all-out for Easter and this year is no different. I was STUNNED to see the amount of stuff that people were shopping for for their children for Easter, though. I guess they are doing their part to stimulate the economy, that's for sure!
Another sign of spring is that I have started to see the tulips, hyacinths, and more starting to emerge from their winter slumber. K and I have to sit down and figure out his garden plans this year. He definitely inherited my Grandad's green thumb! Perhaps when we get that going, I will post some photos to share with y'all - dirt and all!!
In talking to my enabler, Mim earlier, she mentioned that there was a contest to win some WONDERFUL WONDERFUL yarn over here at Happy Handwork - I cannot tell you how exciting this is! I am currently working with said yarn and let me just say, I concur with her statement about wrapping yourself up in every skein! I am making a prayer shawl at present and cannot wait to get it done. I will most certainly post a pic when it's finished. In keeping with the contest rules, I will say that my favorite flower is any and all varieties of daisy. I love them all!
Well, I guess I've been long-winded enough for one day! Any of you that know me KNOW that I am a talker! Have a Blessed and Wonderful Easter, everyone!!


Mim said...

Enabler? I prefer muse or pointer outer of all yummy yarn things. Have a Happy Easter.

Miss said...

I meant it in the nicest way possible, I assure you! ;-) You don't hear me complaining ... Rick maybe, but not me! Huh uh, no way!!! Happy Easter to you, too!