Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Did you see the size of that chicken?

Today was the last day of school. Well, technically, Thursday is the last day but they only go long enough to grab report cards and go. Makes sense, doesn't it? Our school's track coach had to decide between track & field or cross country - couldn't do both - I'm sure it's a funding issue. HOWEVER, they can justify driving busses around to pick up the kids long enough to drive them to school and pick up a flippin' piece of paper when they could mail them cheaper! Okay, stepping down off my soapbox now.

Kaleb's class hatched chickens this past month. Rhode Island Reds to be exact. There were 12 eggs and three did not hatch and a couple little chicks didn't make it. Sad, but honestly I think it's a good lesson for the kids to learn. Well, he convinced Pa that he needed these chickens! As it turned out, several other children apparently did, too! We ended up with one lonely little chick. As of right now, it's name is Toby Keith. I lovingly call it Nugget - it just has a ring to it!

TK is living in my laundry room right now in a gerbil cage. Jasmine and Daisy would REALLY like for him/her to come out and play, but Kaleb thinks otherwise. TK will live with us until s/he is big enough to go to the farm and live in the coop. So, for right now, it's a city bird!



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