Sunday, June 22, 2008

Texting Toads

This photo is my (belated) entry into The Domestic Diva's Fotografi Friday check her out!

The boys worked on the chicken coop and run with Pa & Nanny this week. It's quite the condo now. I was sitting there watching them paint and Glenn came running to me and said, "Mom, watch these for me until we're done!" Ummmmm, WATCH toads. Uhkay. So, being the Mother-of-the-Year that I aspire to be, I did ATTEMPT to watch them. However, who knew that toads were so tech-saavy? Yes, you read that right. The larger one, found out that we have unlimited texting and was sending messages right and left. The smaller one, asked me what kind of games I had on the phone. He was bored until he heard 'Guitar Hero III' then his little toady eyes lit up. He kicked toady-butt at 'Rock You Like A Hurricane' let me tell ya! We eventually let them go on their way. I was honestly afraid that they would star cutting into my roll-over minutes. (..or maybe I was afraid that I'd end up stepping on them - you decide)
The chicken coop, I believe, is near completion. The babies are just over a week old now. Toby is still not too crazy about them but she's going to have to get over it. Much to her chagrin, I'm sure, she will eventually be an outside chicken entirely. She moved from the gerbil cage to a travel dog kennel this weekend. I keep saying 'she' because that's what we are 90% certain that she is. Kaleb still holds out that it COULD be a rooster.
A dose of reality was given to me last night that I would appreciate ayone who reads this to keep in mind. I talked to my sister-in-law yesterday. She is a nurse. She and many others have been working on the levees in western Illinois administering tetanus shots to those who need them. There is quite a potpouri of individuals working to insure the safety of all those who live and work along the river. She mentioned National Guard, FEMA, prisoners, health department employees, Red Cross....the list goes on. Please keep all these individuals in your thoughts and prayers as they do their jobs to ensure the safety of others.
Have a great week, everyone! Blog ya later!
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Mim said...

Wow, who knew, texting toads. Can't wait to make another visit up to see the chick's digs.