Friday, July 4, 2008

Your wish is my command!

My wonderful friend, Mim requested a chicken update so, per her request.... here it is! The babies have joined Toby in the coop/run now and they are getting along fine. The boys are also a semi-permanent fixture in the run. The chicks do not seem bothered by their presence, either. In my opinion, this is GREAT because I remember getting pecked and flogged, etc when gathering eggs as a child! Hopefully my boys can escape that!

This is Kaleb and 'Puffball'

Toby Keith and the chicks dine on some leftover corn on the cob.

Under the ramps seems to be a favorite hangout.

Jess allowing Toby to roost on his arm.

I think this is Puffball again - roosting in the corner.

Toby is surveying the scene from her place on my shoulder

This is the folding roost that Pa made - makes for easier coop clean-up.

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Cabbage & Brussels & Maters, OH MY!


Mim said...

Thanks for the update on the babies. Toby is turning into such a pretty hen.

Miss said...

Yes, SHE is quite pretty! I love her color even though it is on feathers! ;-)